Are you thinking of making a move out of state?

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Here are the two things you should do first.

Know Your Why

 Finish the sentence:  I’m looking forward to moving because...

 It might be about family, life style, retirement benefits, or a myriad of other things. Once you’ve refined the reasons, write them down. Maybe even post them on your bathroom mirror so you can see make a few changes.

 I’d encourage you NOT to think from a mindset of discontent or fear by making statements like "I'm getting out of California because..." Although it’s important to know, it's not always helpful to ruminate on what you dislike about your current address. Rather, set your sights on the life you look forward to: Fresh air, bigger home, community, culture. 

 Make a Plan to Find Your "Where"

Do the research and put everything in a folder on your computer desktop. Consider your motives, time frame, goals, financial considerations, how this affects those you love, etc. If you want, start a spreadsheet.  You can find a lot of them on the internet, but honestly, it's almost easier to make your own. In my next blog, I'll include mine, which you're welcome to use anytime.

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