April Brandes
Coldwell Banker Realty


April is an excellent realtor and friend! She approached us several years ago about selling our home but we weren't ready then. When the time was right for us to make a move, we reached out to April immediately. She has outstanding knowledge of the Mission Viejo community and years of experience in all the facets of selling a home. We were very anxious at times, and April was there for us 100% all hours of the day or night. She went above and beyond, frequently doing tasks for us when were overwhelmed, and bringing in excellent, honest contractors to work in our home. When something needed done, April knew exactly who to call. Her consistent graciousness, great communication skills and sincere friendship helped to keep us focused and positive. If you are looking to sell or buy a home we truly believe you would love to work with April, and you will have not only a fantastic realtor but a true and honest friend.

 - Paul and Mary Sapp


April far exceeded my expectations with her knowledge, responsiveness, and professionalism in finding, negotiating and closing on the purchase of our home. As my husband and I were out of state, April gave us confidence throughout the process and never hesitated to get more photos, videos, measurements or any information that we asked for along the way. The entire process was a most positive and delightful experience thanks to April! 

- Barb Beghin


She helps you find good house and helps in getting the house for her client and she is like a friend and helps in choosing and also after getting the house she helps with renovation or repairs and lets you know ahead what we may expect.

 - Jyoshna Malampatti

30 day escrow - COE to be September 30th, correct?April handled very well the multiple challenges of working with me. I wasn't ready to sell, having planned to possibly list my home ~6 months later than when April called to say there was a possible buyer. Hence, the house and I were nowhere near being ready for a 30-day escrow from a full-price purchaser. (I'd deferred maintenance and repairs to the extent possible on the home since my husband died 2 years earlier.) And I had very little time to focus on all the details needing attention. I have a demanding daytime schedule so April scheduled nighttime zoom calls. April was able to think on her feet and kept me informed of developments. She brought in a colleague to provide alternative ideas and solutions. They drove me to look at apartments when I was discouraged. This gave me the hope I needed emotionally to proceed - knowing I'd have a nice place to move to. During the busiest weeks, she would email status reports morning and night. Probably most unusual was April's willingness to jump in when I wasn't available to TAKE ACTION, including referring me to qualified persons for what needed to be done and even meeting on my behalf - REGULARLY - with inspectors, repairmen, handyman, and the house cleaner! For all of this, April has earned my true respect and friendship. I very highly recommend April!

- Sunny Boren


April is so attentive and will do whatever she can to work within your schedule. She always gave me hope for finding the place we would love, and she stuck with us even in our indecisions. Loved working with her! I would highly recommend you do the same.

- J. Hill


Real estate agents play an important role in people’s lives- they help us find our home. This process can be very emotional, very stressful & requires a lot of clear thinking. I am so happy and blessed that April was my agent! She is an experienced agent who knows the ins & outs of the market, she is trustworthy and always has your best interest at heart. You spend a lot of time with your agent so you need to be able to have a good relationship. I enjoyed every special moment with April! I loved her positive attitude while she negotiated for me with compassion and honesty always making me feel so comfortable. I am very grateful for my beautiful forever home and also for a new forever friend. Thank you, April!

- Sharon Carter


April is amazing! We bought our home a few years ago and loved her openness and understanding of our needs both in function and price. As the years have moved on, she continues to stay connected through her beautifully written stories about the home buying process and her customers' successes. What I appreciate most, is that she gives honest advice, not just what will make her more money. I would definitely recommend her for buying or selling your home!

- Johnny Grobstein


When I decided to move to Laguna Woods I wanted to experience living in the retirement village first before buying. April was able to help me find a rental unit where both my cat and I were welcome in a tight rental market. I was so pleased with the unit that I decided to purchase a home there right away. Again April was able to help me find the best condo for my lifestyle and negotiate with the sellers for a reasonable price. Everything went very smoothly. April is very knowledgeable about the housing market and if she doesn't know the answer to something she will research it right away. She gives support before, during, and even after the transaction, I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home in Orange County.

- Sally


We hand-picked April because of her extensive experience with Galicia properties in Mission Viejo, and that knowledge was instrumental for us, especially as we were out-of-state sellers. She truly cared for our home as if it were her own and guided us through the process as first-time sellers, and we would recommend her to anyone!

- D. X. Nguyen


Appreciated that April spent several weekends with us touring properties that were available And advising us about neighborhoods and if she identified any problems. Appreciated her expertise in Orange County, her kindness, her patience, and her willingness to spend as much time as necessary to find the best property for us. Would call again if needed.

- Betty Hatchett


April is a wonderful person and a great realtor. We are so thankful for her time, wisdom, and effort in finding a great house for us. Looking forward to working with her in the future when we purchase a home.

- Adam R.


April was a great resource in our process. I absolutely loved working with her on a personal level and professionally, her expertise and professionalism put me at ease during this process. This is the second home I've bought, and from what I've experienced previously, and what others have said, it is a stressful event. With April, she has a way of putting you at ease and letting you know everything will be all right. Talk about a dream! April and her trusted lender make the process so easy without hiccups... it's amazing! Not only would I recommend April, but I wouldn't go to anyone else!

- Helen G.


April was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and patient. It took us about 9 months to find the right house. And when we did, it just happened to be a short sale. The process from when we found our new home till closing was 4 months. April kept us up to date every step of the way. She answered all our questions promptly. And when we would start to feel things were dragging on due to the short sale process she would reassure us and get us feeling positive again. We don't intend to move from our new home anytime soon. But if we do we would not hesitate to use her again. We would also recommend her to any of our friends and family.

- Gary Kerr


My wife and I had a fantastic experience working with April to buy our first home. April was by our side, guiding us every step of the way. We started the process by going to look at houses, just to get a feel for what it was like. As first time home buyers, April did everything possible to make us comfortable with the process, and never pushed us beyond our comfort zone. As we zeroed in on the property we wanted, April worked tirelessly to get us there. We found a great condo in a wonderful neighborhood, and in our price range. My wife Jilaa and I can't thank April enough for how hard she worked, how much time and energy she devoted to us, how she made herself always available for us, and how easy she made the process for us to buy this house. We have been at our new home for a month now and couldn't be more proud of what we have accomplished in buying for the first time. We couldn't have done it without April's help!!

- Dave Niren


We are so grateful for all that our long-time friend and real estate agent, April Brandes, did for us in our search for beach front homes. She exhausted every avenue, even contacting out of the area agents, and was relentless in her pursuit of property for us. Plus, we were working with very tight time constraints as we had to re-invest because of a 1031 exchange, and she was extremely cognizant of that fact. We highly recommend April Brandes to find just the right home for you!

- Melanie and David Nankivell

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